Leonel Chacon Anchondo
Technological Institute Cd. Juarez

Abstract. Anthropoecology does not intend to direct the societies of the countries to any political system, it seems that this proved that all political systems have failed. From the point of view of Anthropoecology, some political systems could have worked, but they failed in two aspects. The first was the pendulum movement to leave one end and go to the other end, e.g. from extreme imperialism to extreme communism. The second is that power mentally ills the leaders, because their movement triumphed and they think that they are right in everything, coupled with the temptation of illicit enrichment, causing corruption. The current «democratic» systems, whose reality is to cover up neoliberal capitalism; which, like all movements, has gone to the extreme, originating great and excessive personal fortunes, which every day want more and more regardless of decomposition and social behavior, extreme poverty and famine. This capitalist system is an imperial system with no visible leader. Other pendular social movements; they are, the liberation and empowerment of women, abortion and the LGBT movement. The purpose is to make observations about our daily actions, which seem to be leading us to self-destruction.

Keywords: political system, failed, pendulum movement, extreme imperialism, extreme communism, mental illness, illicit enrichment, neoliberal capitalism, personal fortunes, self-destruction.

Volume 5, Issue 2(19) p. 19-31 PDF