Leonel Chacon Anchondo
Technological Institute Cd. Juarez

Abstract. There are and there have been great divergences generated in the mind of human being and as a corollary it can be said that for millennia human being has been mentally ill. Although we all agree that the current situation is chaos due to climate change, drug addiction and social decomposition, among others, are effect and not cause. These concepts are not about confronting the «good» with the «bad», but to raise awareness about the differences and disparities of our daily act and correct them to obtain a peaceful coexistence. As humanity, our mental fixations and mental illnesses over time, in different nations, cultures and religions, are as diverse as opposite, going from one extreme to another; the best example of this is the approach that each culture and religion gives homosexuality, Catholic and Muslim religion totally reject it, while Buddhism approves it without criticism; Another culture, Zapotecs (Mexico) considered muxes (homosexual men) part of a third sex, no better or worse than men and women, simply different. Another discrepancy is left-handed people who have been considered inferior. In Catholic schools, left-handed people were forced to write with right hand. In Islam and Middle East, everything that comes from left hand is considered impure. Discrimination comes to Japan and covers whole world except Buddhism. For centuries, human being has not been able to elucidate aspects of its existence, perhaps because of its paradigms of interest such as greed, power, money and technological progress, they have not allowed us to think about basics of human existence and its closure mental, willing to destroy itself. We have learned to be opportunists, people of goodwill are abused, today people have lost confidence by lies of rulers and worst, children have learned to lie.

Keywords: mentally ill, mental fixations, drug addiction, social decomposition, interest, greed, power, money, selfishness, corrupt.

Volume 5, Issue 1(18) p. 11-17 PDF